Facilities associated with the Microwave and Millimeter-wave Circuits and Systems Laboratory.

Also see the Advanced millimeter wave lab at the Wireless Institute website.


Rapid prototyping and assembly of microwave integrated and hybrid circuits
  • RF/Microwave milling machine
  • Mechanical machining
  • Access NDNF based on project needs
  • Utilize commercial foundries (RFIC, MMIC)


Coaxial and on-chip measurement capability to beyond 100 GHz
  • 50 GHz VNA
  • 75 GHz spectrum analyzer w/ 2 GHz BW
  • 75 GHz signal generator w/ 2 GHz BW
  • 4.2 GSPS AWG, 20 GSPS ADC
  • Load pull tuners
  • Summit 11k probe station

Antenna Range

PNF antenna range
NSI-MI planar near-field antenna range (2.6-95 GHz)
  • Far-field: time-domain gated far-field antenna range (10-90 GHz)
  • (coming Fall 2020) Near-field: NSI-MI planar near-field range (2.6-95 GHz)


  • Xeon 24-core, 512 GB RAM
  • Xeon 16-core, 256 GB RAM
  • Xeon 16-core, 96 GB RAM
  • Xeon 8-core, 24+ GB RAM
  • Ansoft HFSS: 3D finite-element method EM simulations for antennas and structures
  • Keysight ADS/Momentum and NI MWO/Axiem: circuit design, 2.5D method of moments EM
  • SystemVue+Matlab: linearization, digital equalization, channel modeling, etc.
  • ICCAP: device modeling for system level parameters